World of Bugs

Learners will build a bug using their imaginations and creativity. The sky’s the limit!
Grades: K-7
Seasons: Summer, Fall & Spring
Time: 30-60 minutes
Supplies: Build your bug using natural items, recycled items or clay, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, feathers, etc.
Resources: Bug Scavenger Hunt, Adopt A Bug Lesson Plan, Bug Backgrounder
Lesson Plan PDF

Bugs, bugs, and billions more bugs! They are everywhere, and they are fascinating to observe and learn about.

In these activities, learners will explore the mysterious world of bugs and build a sense of compassion and empathy towards these flying, crawling, slithering creatures. Go on a bug hunt or build your own bug with special buggy super powers. Adopt your very own bug and build a special home for it – a fun way to observe their secret lives.

Draw your Bug:

Before building your bug, design what it looks like using the activity sheet found on the next page. Use these questions to help design your bug.

• What materials will you use to build your bug and how big will it be?

• How will your bug move (crawl, fly or swim)?

• How many legs, body parts, eyes, tails and wings will it have?

• What does you bug eat? Is it a predator or prey?

• What colour is your bug?

• What is its super power?

Build your Bug:

Use your drawing as a blueprint to build your bug using natural objects, recycling or crafting materials.


• Share your bug with friends and family.

• Tell a story about your bug and how it survives, moves and eats.

• Does it have a special adaptation or “super power” that helps it survive?

• Create a bug museum and take your family on a bug tour.

• Make sure you give your bug a name – consider using a silly scientific name!

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