Playing with Patterns

Learners will create and describe patterns using natural “found” objects.
Grades: K-4
Seasons: All
Time: 15-30 minutes
Supplies: Objects found in nature (with perhaps the addition of other objects such as marbles, beads)
Resources: Lesson plan: Pattern logic game
Lesson Plan PDF

Patterns in nature provide endless opportunities for exploration. They also spark creativity and a chance to apply logic and maths. Learners will have fun exploring and playing with patterns in these activities!


  1. For younger learners, start by having an adult create a simple pattern similar to the ones above.
  2. Discuss what makes it a pattern.
  3. What are the elements that repeat?
  4. What is the “rule” that describes this pattern?
  5. How could you continue the pattern?
  6. What would make it into a new pattern?
  7. Once you have the idea, try making some of your own, and have someone else describe the “rules”. If this feels easy, try the next challenge, the Pattern Logic game!

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