A big win for Jumbo Valley

Why is Canwel logging endangered whitebark pine in the Elk Valley?

Wolverines need to room to roam: The importance of connected wild places

Wildsight works to protect wildlife, water and wild places in Canada’s Columbia and Rocky Mountain regions.

Canada's Southern Rocky and Purcell Mountains are a vital part of North America’s most intact and important wildlife corridors. The mountain ranges form…Read More 
Conditions for life are tough high on the alpine ridges and in the subalpine valleys of the Rocky Mountains, with bitter winter cold, dry summers…Read More 
In our last big update on Jumbo we told you we were going back to court. Now, we are thrilled to share with you a big win for Jumbo Valley! In short: After years of court cases and appeals, the B.C. Court of Appeal ruled that Glacier Resort’s environmental certificate has expired and they cannot prRead More 
KIMBERLEY, August 6, 2019 After a court decision, Jumbo Glacier Resort no longer has a valid environmental certificate and the resort cannot be built until re-assessed.Read More 
The Columbia Wetlands Waterbird Survey recently wrapped up its spring surveys when we had 95 volunteers count 25,496 birds were counted over the three…Read More 
The Kimberley Cranbrook branch has joined forces with Black Dog Cycle & Ski in Kimberley for our E-Bike Raffle Fundraiser. Only 500 tickets are…Read More 
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