Backyard Birding for Beginners

A fun way to help zoom into the world of birds or any other nature observation moment, are these simple homemade binoculars.
Grades: K-7
Seasons: Summer & Spring
Time: 5-10 minutes
Supplies: Two toilet paper rolls (or one paper towel roll cut in half). Tape or glue. String or ribbon (long enough to go over your head). Markers, crayons, coloured duct tape to decorate your snazzy binos.
Resources: Backyard Bingo K-7, Backyard Bingo 4-7
Lesson Plan PDF

Bird watching can be fun and rewarding, even from your own backyard!

The first step in learning to bird watch is simply to use your eyes and ears and observe what’s around you. Spring migration is a great time to see who is stopping by your yard.

Watch this video to see if Wildsight educators Ayla and Kim can help Charlee the Chickadee find her family. Follow up by using things found around the house to dress up as your favourite birds. Afterwards, test your birding skills by playing a game of Backyard Bird Bingo and watch for birds using your own homemade binoculars!


1. Gather your materials.

2. Decorate your toilet paper rolls as much or as little as you would like.

3. Tape the rolls together.

4. Cut a small hole in one end of both tubes; attach the string.

5. Take your binoculars outside or point them out the window and see what you can see. You might just be surprised at what you will notice with your very own pair of binoculars!

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