Earth’s Four Spheres

By the end of this lesson, a student will know more about the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; identify specific examples of each, and consider how the spheres play a role in our everyday lives.
Grades: 4-7
Seasons: All
Time: 1-2 hours
Supplies: Journal or notebook, pencil, and attached Four Spheres poem.
Resources: 4 Spheres Poem
Lesson Plan PDF

Our first Wildsight Education at Home session is a poem and related assignment, presented by Wildsight educator Jade Harvey. Watch the video below, then complete the assignment.


• In the poem two of the ‘spheres’ are mentioned by name, two are not. Which two spheres are not mentioned by their full name in the poem?

• Give two examples that are used in the poem of things that are part of the un-named spheres.

• Find evidence of each of the four spheres in your neighbourhood. Can you find three examples for each? Write these down or draw a picture of the things you find. Find a good spot to sit in in your backyard/close nature spot.

For Atmosphere: Sit quietly for 2 minutes and look, listen, smell and feel for the air.

For Hydrosphere: Where is water around you? What different forms can it take?

For Lithosphere: What kind of landscape do you live in? Is it flat? Are there mountains? Can you find rocks or soil? What colour or shape are the rocks? How does the soil feel between your fingers? Is it grainy or smooth? Sticky or dry?

For the Biosphere: What parts of the living world can you see? In 2 minutes write down all the living things you can see around you.

Douglas Noblet / Wild Air Photography


• Did you find more than three examples of each sphere?

• Which sphere do you like to use or play in most? Is it more than one together? If you’re a skier you might like the lithosphere (mountain) and hydrosphere (water as snow) so you can do your sport.

• Can you share with a family member what your favourite sphere(s) are? Ask them which of Earth’s spheres they like best.

• Were there any words in the poem you didn’t understand? Can you ask an adult to help you with that?

Photo: David Moskowitz

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