Bird Sound Map

This sound map activity will help sharpen your budding bird watcher’s observation skills.
Grades: K-7
Seasons: Summer, Fall & Spring
Time: 5-15 minutes
Supplies: Pen or pencil, something to write on (either paper or a nature journal), sit pad and journal (optional).
Lesson Plan PDF


Sometimes focusing on only one of our senses can make us realize how keen it is. Try listening to count backyard birds by tuning into your hearing super power!


• While sitting quietly in your sit spot, start by making a mark in the centre of your paper to represent you. Anything above the mark is behind you, anything below the mark is in front of you, the sides represent each side of you.

• Notice the different bird sounds that you can hear, try to guess which direction they are coming from.

• Draw a symbol (or write a word) to represent each of the different birds and do your best to indicate which direction they are coming from.

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