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Keeping the wild in sight: Our nature-based curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 7.

The focus is on promoting strong connections to the wild, allowing students to explore the natural world in which we live, and guiding them to grow in their understanding and care for the environment.

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Looking for Patterns

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
All around us, patterns abound. In this activity, students will consider different meanings of the word “pattern” and then look for examples in nature. Read More 

Patterns and Bees

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Learn more and spread the word about BC’s native bees. Read More 

Playing with Patterns

Grades: K-4   |  All Seasons
Learners will create and describe patterns using natural “found” objects. Read More 

Spirals and Swirls

Grades: K-7   |  Summer, Fall & Spring
Learn about the benefits and efficiencies of the spiral shape in the natural world. Read More 

Earth Day Art

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Let’s celebrate this Earth Day by showing our appreciation for our homes and the nature we love. Read More 

Make a Sundial

Grades: K-7   |  Summer, Fall & Spring
Learners will gain an understanding of how the Earth’s rotation and position of the Sun affects the length of their shadows, and will learn a time-telling tool. Read More 

Nature Frames

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Students will build or create a frame to showcase nature art. Read More 

Seed Pot Origami

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
In this activity students will make seed pots and learn about how plants grow. Read More 

Symmetry Art

Grades: K-4   |  Summer & Spring
Students will explore symmetry with these art projects. Read More 

Trash to Treasure

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Students will learn about upcycling common items found around their home. Read More 


Grades: 3-12   |  All Seasons
In this activity students will be challenged to come up with their own nature-inspired invention based on the concept of biomimicry. Read More 

Build a World

Grades: 3-7   |  All Seasons
Students will create an imaginary community to help represent the services that nature provides for us all. Read More 

A Beak for Every Job

Grades: K-7   |  Summer & Spring
Students will study and make predictions about the function of different bird beaks. Read More 

Backyard Birding for Beginners

Grades: K-7   |  Summer & Spring
A fun way to help zoom into the world of birds or any other nature observation moment, are these simple homemade binoculars. Read More 

Basics of Binoculars

Grades: K-7   |  Summer & Spring
In this lesson plan students will become familiar with the different parts of a pair of binoculars and how to use them. Read More 

Birding Basics

Grades: 4-7   |  Summer & Spring
Students will learn about bird behaviours and use different tools to practice identification skills. Read More 

Build a Bird and Bee Bath

Grades: 4-7   |  Summer & Spring
Students will build a bath to attract birds and beneficial bees to their yards. Read More 

Have you seen Birds, or a Nest?

Grades: K-7   |  Summer & Spring
In this activity students will learn about different types of birds’ nests and build their very own nest. Read More 

What's Your Wingspan?

Grades: K-7   |  Summer & Spring
Students will learn about the wingspan of various local birds while using some simple math skills in a wingspan comparison activity. Read More 

Backyard Tracking

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
In this activity, students set up a plot in their yard to get a glimpse into the secret lives of wildlife. Read More 

Wildlife Walk

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Students will use their observation skills to identify signs of wildlife. Read More 

Build a Bug House

Grades: K-4   |  Summer, Fall & Spring
Learners will get creative and connect to the “world of small” in this activity. Read More 

The World of Lichen

Grades: 5-7   |  All Seasons
Students will learn how to identify 3 forms of lichen. Read More 

World of Bugs

Grades: K-7   |  Summer, Fall & Spring
Learners will build a bug using their imaginations and creativity. The sky’s the limit! Read More 

Chase the Moon

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Students will learn about astronomical features of the Moon and its various phases. Read More 

Chase the Sun

Grades: K-7   |  Summer
Students will learn about local sunrise and sunset times and celebrate the highest point of the Sun in the year by doing a Yoga Sun Salutation. Read More 

Sensory Wake-Up

Grades: K-7   |  Fall & Winter
Use this activity to help students “tune in” to the world around them. This activity has been adapted from the Coyote’s Guide To Connecting With Nature. Read More 

Bird Sound Map

Grades: K-7   |  Summer, Fall & Spring
This sound map activity will help sharpen your budding bird watcher’s observation skills. Read More 

How to Draw a Bird

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Drawing what we see helps us to remember and retain information. This simple tutorial will engage learners in the practice of field observations. Read More 

Nature Journals

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Use these prompts and ideas to get students started on their nature journaling journey. Read More 

Nature's Services

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Students will be encouraged to stop and think about the “services” that nature provides, to make life on Earth possible, and that enable us to thrive. Read More 

Patterns in Nature

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
As an introduction to the theme of Patterns in Nature, learners will be encouraged to consider things in nature that are predictable. Read More 

Seasonal Sit Spots

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
By the end of this lesson, students will know what a sit spot is, how it can be used to observe nature, and think about where to create their own special sit spot. Read More 

Summer Solstice

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
As an introduction to the Summer Solstice theme, students can take the time to reflect and show gratitude for our Sun! Read More 

The World of Small

Grades: K-7   |  Summer, Fall & Spring
Students will observe nature by tuning in to different perspectives. Read More 

Tree Wonder

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Students will befriend a tree and journal about some of their tree wonders. Students can compare and contrast leaves found, noting similarites and differences. Read More 


Grades: K-7   |  Summer, Fall & Spring
This week visit a tree a few times and have students begin their journaling with something they are wondering about trees. Read More 

Earth's Four Spheres

Grades: 4-7   |  All Seasons
By the end of this lesson, a student will know more about the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; identify specific examples of each, and consider how the spheres play a role in our everyday lives. Read More 

Forest Bathing

Grades: K-7   |  Summer & Fall
Use the following prompts or invitations with your students to compliment their sit spot practices. Read More 

Tuning In

Grades: K-7   |  Spring
Use the following activities to tune into the natural world around you. Read More 

Bud Buddies

Grades: K-7   |  Spring
Spring is a time of many changes. Keep your eyes open to discover a very special tree transformation! Read More 

Forest Food Web

Grades: 1-4   |  All Seasons
Learners will consider the various roles of living things in an ecosystem, then create a food web. Read More 

Look at those Leaves!

Grades: K-6   |  Summer, Fall & Spring
Students will compare and contrast similarities and differences between different varieties of leaves. Read More 

Poet Tree

Grades: 2-7   |  All Seasons
Students will learn about and create acrostic, shape, and/or haiku poems on the theme of trees. Read More 

The Key to Trees

Grades: 4-7   |  All Seasons
Students will use a dichotomous key to identify local conifer trees. Read More 

Tree Art

Grades: K-3   |  All Seasons
Students will tune in to their creative side using trees as their inspiration. Read More 

Tree Explorations

Grades: K-7   |  All Seasons
Students will look for trees at each stage of their growth and decay. This is a great introduction to further exploration about growth and needs of living things. Read More 

Tree Stories

Grades: K-4   |  All Seasons
Listen to the following read-aloud book with your students and reflect on the story of Solomon's Tree. Read More 

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