Build a Bug House

Learners will get creative and connect to the “world of small” in this activity.
Grades: K-4
Seasons: Summer, Fall & Spring
Time: 30-60 minutes
Supplies: Nature journal, pencil. Rocks, sticks, lichen, leaves, or whatever else you can find on the forest floor. Tiny toys and embellishments. Consider using old logs or stumps to build in, or use a flat container to make a mobile fairy house.
Resources: Build a Bug Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan PDF


Head to a special outdoor place or sit spot to look around for all the lichens and plants growing secretly around you. Can you imagine being a fairy or a little bug moving or flying around the forest?

Create a magical home for your special friend using natural materials found on the forest floor.


Using materials found on the ground, build a beautiful house for any visiting fairies or for a little bug. Or you could build a bug and create a home for it!


• Find the perfect spot: the bottom of a tree or large rock is a great place for a fairy/bug house.

• Use leaves, sticks, stones and bark to make fairy/bug sized furniture.

• Add some lichen that you find on the forest floor. Add tiny toys and embellishments.

• Be mindful not to pick anything that is living.


• Sitting quietly, write a poem or some thoughts about your fairy/bug house.

• Write or draw a story about a fairy or bug discovering the house and how they would feel being given such a magical gift. Would they throw a party to celebrate or would they enjoy it on their own?

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