The World of Small

Students will observe nature by tuning in to different perspectives.
Grades: K-7
Seasons: Summer, Fall & Spring
Time: 15-60 minutes
Supplies: Pen or pencil, nature journal or paper, sit pad and magnifying glass (optional).
Lesson Plan PDF


• First, focus on the big picture landscape. Look at the trees and the forest. Think about the animals that live on this landscape like deer, squirrels, birds etc.

• Now, zoom in on the World of the Small (using a magnifying glass if you have one), exploring the structures of plants, bugs, lichen etc.

• How many different insects can you spot? Describe how they move; do they move fast or slow?

• Notice all the different forms of lichen around you. What colours, sizes and textures do you notice? Count how many lichen you see. Where are the lichen growing (forest floor, a tree or a rock)?

• What differences do you notice when you zoom in on the nature around you? Do you see more or less species?

• Imagine you could become a new bug with super powers. Describe it. Imagine you have been transported to the World of Small. Tell a funny story about living as a bug.

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