Tree Art

Students will tune in to their creative side using trees as their inspiration.
Grades: K-3
Seasons: All
Time: 10-15 minutes
Supplies: Bark Rubbing: Paper, wax crayons. For Forts: Found tree debri, logs, branches, whatever you can find!
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Tree Art – Bark Rubbing

Bark is very beneficial to trees – it helps protect the tree and conserve the tree’s water. But it also can be a tool to help with our creativity. Why not show the tree some love and make some pictures at the same time? Bark rubbing is a fun and easy way to make art.

There really are no rules here, except to remember to respect the trees you’re working with. If you’d like to have a pretty good representation of the bark (or other parts of the tree), you’ll want to keep the sheet in one place as you “rub” the bark with your crayon. You can do bark rubbings on one tree, or many. You can use one colour, or as many as you’d like. You can make your rubbing teeny tiny, or as big as the biggest sheet of paper you have. And you can leave the rubbing ‘as is’, or add on to it with drawings or with a collage. Have fun!

Tree Art – Forts

You’ve probably done this before, but why not celebrate trees and have fun at the same time by making a shelter using tree debris as your building materials? If you’d like, ask your parents or teacher to help you send your masterpiece in to us at Wildsight. We’d love to see your creations!

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