Bud Buddies

Spring is a time of many changes. Keep your eyes open to discover a very special tree transformation!
Grades: K-7
Seasons: Spring
Time: 10-20 minutes for activity, then 5 minutes every other day.
Supplies: Compostable string (twine, wool yarn or cotton string). Nature journal. Camera (optional).
Resources: Bud Buddies 4-7 Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan PDF

Plants and trees, buds and leaves all give us oxygen to breathe. They are all around us and hold so many mysteries. Let’s get a closer look to see what they are doing this spring!

Watch this video for an inspiring activity connecting you to the mystery of trees this spring by Wildsight Educator Carrie Ferguson from Golden, BC.

See K-3 Lesson Plan and 4-7 Lesson Plan


Bud Buddies Followup:

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