Spring bundle 1

Find ideas and inspirations for getting your students outside in spring.
Grades: K-7
Seasons: Spring
Resources: NTS lesson plan - setting the stage, NTS lesson plan - sit spots, NTS lesson plan - spring sensory wakeup, NTS lesson plan - spring exploration & investigation, NTS lesson plan - spring games, NTS lesson plan - spring reflection and extension

Spring is officially here! And it is a magical time to explore the changes happening all around us in our wild backyards. The quiet, white canvas we’ve been exploring during the winter months is exploding in colour and sound, and our plant and animal neighbours are celebrating the warmer, longer days. 

In this resource bundle, you will find ideas and inspirations for getting your students outside. 

Setting the stage

Song birds have returned. Buds are budding. And there are so many seasonal changes taking place right now. Spark curiosity and engage your learners during your spring outing using these ideas to set the stage.

Sit spots

Sit spots offer rare opportunities to establish a personal connection with nature and also allow students valuable time to reflect, slow down, and appreciate the sensory rich environment that spring brings. Continue building your learner’s sit spot practice with these ideas.

Sensory wake up

Interpreting seasonal change through our senses can help learners to tune in to what spring looks, smells, sounds, tastes and feels like. Use these spring sensory ideas to engage your learners’ senses while exploring the seasonal changes happening all around them.

Exploration and investigation

Nature centres are a fun way for learners to use different tools and techniques to become seasonal scientists. Rotating through these centres, students, like scientists, can make predictions and test out their wonders using different exploration tools.

Find ideas to build your own exploration and investigation wonder centres.


Who says learning can’t be fun? Using these games and activities, help your learners dive into the magic and wonder of spring.

Reflection and extension

Make sure to include time in your outing for your learners to reflect on their wonders. Spend time writing or drawing about what they saw and learned and what might be different the next time they are in their outdoor classroom.

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