Fall bundle 2

Find ideas and inspirations for getting your students outside this fall
Grades: K-7
Seasons: Fall
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We hope that you are finding ways to enjoy all of the splendour and beauty of the autumn season. This is a wonderful time of new beginnings and change, and a perfect time to get our littlest learners outside and engaged in the exploration of the seasons. Colours are changing, insects and animals are preparing for the winter, and there is SO much magic happening right outside the classroom for you and your students to explore.

Setting the stage

Build up excitement for your fall exploration by reading a fall themed book, asking about student “wonders” or using a class visual. Find ideas to set the stage for your outing.

Sit spots

A sit spot is a special place where students can sit and tune in to the rhythms of the natural world. Visiting this special place throughout the year helps learners observe the ebb and flow of seasonal changes. Use these sit-spot prompts to help establish your own sit spot routine.

Sensory wake up

We can more easily tune in to what’s happening around us when our senses are lively and awake. Try a shorter version of this script to start, waking up your student’s senses one at a time, to help your learners really tune in. Continue to tune in using these sensory wake up activities.

Exploration and investigation

Exploration activities can be open-ended or connected to a particular theme you are working on with your Wildsight educators. Explore natural and seasonal phenomena with these activities.


Burn off some energy while learning about the ways animals and plants prepare and adapt for the winter ahead with these games.

Reflection and extension

Make sure to include time in your outing for your learners to reflect on their wonders. Gratitude circles are a beautiful way to incorporate gratitude for nature and nature journaling can provide a nice way to capture learnings.

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