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Wildsight works to influence forestry planning and practices in our region so that both humans and nature can thrive. Wildsight works actively with all of the large forestry companies in… Read more 
Ancient cedar-hemlock hangs above thickets of lush ferns and sprawling devil's club. A plethora of rare lichens and mosses shade the rich soils below, the moist air is… Read more 
Mining makes up one of British Columbia’s largest industries and revenue sources, but behind the profits, communities and the environment often pay the price for resource extraction and development… Read more 
Wildsight works collaboratively to expand protection for the Purcell region, making sure that wildlife can freely and safely roam, water runs clean and clear from the mountains to our communities… Read more 
Valuing world class wilderness, creating long-term balance. Some of the best-known and most-cherished National and Provincial Parks are set in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Alberta… Read more 
Southern mountain caribou have been here in B.C. since the last ice age over 10,000 years ago, but they have been steadily declining in B.C.’s Inland Temperate Rainforest — from 2500 in the late 1990s to 1250 today. Read more 
Jumbo will be wild forever! The Jumbo Glacier Resort was a year-round ski resort proposed in the Jumbo Valley in the heart of BC’s Purcell Mountains. Read more 
Canada’s Southern Rockies is one of the most important landscapes in North America for wildlife. The Elk Valley provides a critical wildlife passageway. Read more 
The Columbia Wetlands are a living natural treasure, a Ramsar wetlands of international importance. Home to more than 260 bird species, plus fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and countless invertebrates. Read more 
Populations of birds that catch insects while flying have been declining for decades. Conservation actions must be put into place to help halt and reverse this trend. Read more 
It’s no secret that change and education go hand in hand. Our children are the future stewards of the planet. The goals of our education programs are simple yet… Read more 
Keeping the wild in sight: Our nature-based curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 7. Read more 
EcoStewards offers an excellent opportunity to showcase how environmental education can effectively and successfully provide opportunities for 21st century learning, including inquiry, action and place-based learning. Read more 
Classroom With Outdoors offers B.C.-curriculum-based outdoor education to promote healthy, hands-on learning. Our knowledgeable educators help students form lasting connections with nature while having fun and learning. Read more 
FutureMakers inspires students as they learn & design for a climate-resilient, hope-filled future FutureMakers provides students in grades 4–7 with the knowledge and inspiration to design a… Read more 
In Beyond Recycling, grade 5 and 6 students embark on a rich 24-week investigation into the impact of their lifestyles—energy, waste and consumption—to discover how their everyday… Read more 
Six days backpacking the Kootenay backcountry. Learn to be a leader, connect to the landscape, and leave with a love of the mountains that will last a lifetime. Read more 
An extraordinary learning experience for youth 15-18. Over 15 days, you can paddle the Columbia River, sleep under starry skies, have fun, make friends, engage in stories of this river, and learn about yourself along the way. Read more 
Teach The Columbia is a curriculum package meant to help educators engage their students with many dimensions of the Columbia River watershed — past, present, and future. Read more 
What a great way to deepen the love primary students have for the outdoors. Winter Wonder programs are outdoor, winter ecology field studies — real experiences — that take primary classes outside to learn something new. Read more 

Meadowbrook Education

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch
Through grade-specific programs linked to learning outcomes in BC's new curriculum, and a variety of interactive teaching methods including props, games, and local examples, we seek to foster a curiosity in nature. Read more 

Forest and Nature School

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch
We are happy to welcome the Kimberley Outdoor Learning Society’s Forest & Nature School programs as our own, effective September 2023. Read more 
Wildsight’s Youth Climate Corps exists to connect, inspire and empower young adults interested in making a difference for the greatest challenge of this generation: the climate crisis. Read more 
With a growing network of charging stations and increased battery capacity, driving an electric vehicle is now a real option in the Columbia Valley. Spark is the first 100% electric vehicle share program in rural Canada. Read more 

Kimberley Farmers' Market

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch
Fresh food from local farmers and food producers, crafts from local artisans, live music and delicious food are all served up in downtown Kimberley every week during the summer season! Read more 

Kimberley Community Garden

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch
The Kimberley Community Garden is a demonstration garden designed to share the knowledge and skills needed to empower you to grow food in your own backyard. Read more 

Community EcoGarden

Elk Valley Branch
Since 2003, the Community EcoGarden in Fernie, BC has provided gardening opportunities and community education through sustainable organic projects, with individual garden plots to grow and harvest flowers and vegetables. Read more 

Keeping Food Real

Elk Valley Branch
Keeping Food Real aims to support the citizens and communities of the Elk Valley in growing their own food by providing online cold climate educational resources that support both novice… Read more 

Local Store

Elk Valley Branch
Local provides a framework for farmers and local food producers to sell their products and for customers to access local food year-round. Read more 

Seed Library

Elk Valley Branch
Our Seed Library helps preserve and maintain seeds from staple vegetable, edible herb and flower varieties. We're building food sovereignty involving access to organic, non-GMO, open-pollinated seed for growing our own food. Read more 

Evergreens Farm

Elk Valley Branch
Since 2003, the Community EcoGarden has provided gardening opportunities and community education through sustainable organic projects. Members can use individual garden plots to grow and harvest flowers and vegetables. Read more 

Backyard Farmers Project

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch
We are on a growing journey with the Healthy Kimberley Food Recovery Depot to increase the capacity for food distribution in Kimberley, raise the bar on food security issues and produce sustainable food from the ground up. Read more 

Camp Odyssey

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch
Your child will be outdoors the entire day, much of that time on the move exploring. Hiking and nature exploration is the focus of this camp, but there will be plenty of time for free play and creativity. Read more 
Get Wild’s mission is to inspire youth to connect with our community and nature through fun inclusive outdoor activities. It's for those parents who want their children to be outside and come home stoked, dirty and happy. Read more 
The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep of the Columbia Valley The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep is the largest wild sheep inhabiting North America, with the population expanding to 38,000 sheep… Read more 

Creston Valley Green Map

Creston Valley Branch
The Creston Valley is in the traditional unceeded territory of the Yaqan Nukiy people, of the Ktunaxa Nation. The Creston Valley is located in southeastern British-Columbia. Read more 

Creston Valley Bird Festival

Creston Valley Branch
Get ready to spread your wings and join us for an unforgettable celebration of feathered friends and the vital wetlands they call home during their annual migration north. Join us every year in May! Read more 

Toad Watch

Revelstoke Branch
A volunteer led identification and conservation project to help the SARA listed species Western Toad cross from their year round habitat to their breeding grounds in the wetlands of the… Read more 

It's little more than a ski lift and a couple of runs, but the Salmo Ski Hill is a treasured local gem.Read more 
While nature is valuable for nature's sake alone, we can also appreciate the valuable services nature provides to humans that allow us to thrive on this planet.Read more 
The petition will require the federal government to answer questions about how it's protecting Canadian taxpayers and the environment as part of its review of Glencore’s takeover of coal mines in B.C.’s Elk Valley.Read more 
A new batch of clearcut proposals in the Seymour River watershed threaten over 600 hectares of endangered woodland caribou habitat, old growth forests and remnant patches of our Inland Temperate Rainforest.Read more 
Wildsight is a registered charity with a mission to protect biodiversity and encourage sustainable communities in the Kootenay-Columbia region of BC.Read more 
This event was part of the Wild Spaces Recreation Dialogues, a series of Wildsight-hosted events geared specifically toward those who move through our valleys and mountains on foot, wheels or water.Read more 
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