Wildsight works collaboratively to expand protection for the Purcell region, making sure that wildlife can freely and safely roam, water runs clean and clear from… Read More 
Wildsight works to influence forestry planning and practices in our region so that both humans and nature can thrive. Wildsight works actively with all of… Read More 
Valuing world class wilderness, creating long-term balance. Some of the best-known and most-cherished National and Provincial Parks are set in the Rocky… Read More 
Mountain caribou are one of the most endangered mammals in North America. All of the world’s remaining mountain caribou live in the mountains of… Read More 
Imagine a magical and majestic mountain setting with towering peaks, lush forests and pristine lakes teeming with fish. A place where ancient trees preside over… Read More 
Jumbo will be wild forever! The Jumbo Glacier Resort was a year-round ski resort proposed in the Jumbo Valley in the heart of BC… Read More 
“One of the most precious things on a world the Columbia River Wetlands.” Robert Bateman The Columbia Wetlands are one of the world… Read More 
Aerial insectivores, long-distant migrants, species-at-risk!  Who are we? Bank and Barn Swallows Read More 
Have you ever seen Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in the Kicking Horse Canyon?  Have you ever wondered about them? You are not alone! … Read More 

Creston Valley Green Map

Creston Valley Branch
The Creston Valley is located in southeastern British-Columbia. It stretches from Kootenay Lake to the USA border and is flanked in the East and… Read More 
It’s no secret that change and education go hand in hand. Our children are the future stewards of the planet. The goals of our… Read More 
Keeping the Wild in Sight   Find nature-based curriculum in the left hand column for students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. The focus is… Read More 
  In Beyond Recycling, students embark on a rich 24-week investigation into the impact of their lifestyles—energy, waste and consumption—to discover how… Read More 
"Water is our most precious resource. Everyone in the Basin should know where their water comes from, where it goes after they use it, and… Read More 
The 2020 Go Wild! program has been cancelled. With instruction from Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer - Government of B.C. we have had to… Read More 
Request your Classroom with Outdoors Field Trip Today! Introducing…ecosystems! Classroom With Outdoors offers B.C.-curriculum-based outdoor education to promote healthy, hands-on… Read More 
Applications for 2020-21 EcoSteward programs are now closed. EcoStewards offers an excellent opportunity to showcase how environmental education can effectively and successfully provide opportunities… Read More 
Applications for Nature Through the Seasons for 2020-21 are now closed.  Every school year is a journey. Nature Through the Seasons anchors that… Read More 
2020-21 Winter Wonder Program Bookings are now full. Little people love winter! What a great way to deepen the love primary students have for… Read More 
PADDLE, LEARN, AND EARN 4 CREDITS History | Culture | Water | Energy | Environment The Columbia River Field School is an immersive learning experience for students ages… Read More 

McGinty Lake Education

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch
Impressive efforts from local residents have resulted in recent conservation measures at McGinty Lake. The lake is located on Crown land just 10km east of… Read More 
Climate change is the greatest challenge of this generation. Wildsight launched the Youth Climate Corps (YCC) in the fall of 2020. The YCC empowers young… Read More 
With a growing network of electric vehicle charge stations and increased battery, driving an electric vehicle is now a real option in the Columbia Valley. Spark is the first fully 100% electric vehicle share program in rural Canada Read More 

Kimberley Farmers' Market

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch
Fresh food from local farmers and food producers, crafts from local artisans, live music and delicious food are all served up in downtown Kimberley every week during the summer season! Read More 

Kimberley Community Garden

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch
Kimberley's Community Garden is an edible community garden based on sharing knowledge, ideas, tasks and food. There are no allotted plots and anyone is… Read More 

Fernie Community EcoGarden

Elk Valley Branch
Since 2003, the Community EcoGarden in Fernie, BC has provided gardening opportunities and community education through sustainable organic projects. Inspired by permaculture principles, the garden enables members to utilize individual garden plots to grow and harvest flowers and vegetables. Read More 

Keeping Food Real

Elk Valley Branch
Keeping Food Real aims to support the citizens and communities of the Elk Valley in growing their own food by providing online cold climate… Read More 

Local Store

Elk Valley Branch
Local provides a framework for farmers and local food producers to sell their products and customers to access local food. Local farmers and food producers will sell products online and in-store, delivering products regularly to fulfill orders. Read More 
The East Kootenays is home to many fruit trees. When the fruit is left to fall off the tree and rot, it attracts local wildlife… Read More 

Seed Library

Elk Valley Branch
OUR COLD CLIMATE SEED LIBRARY Wildsight Elk Valley Branch’s Community EcoGarden has been hosting seed swap events every winter since 2005. Most seeds offered… Read More 

Radon Action & Awareness

Invermere Branch
Here in the Columbia Valley, we have a strong connection to the landscape, but did you know that relationship carries on when we’re indoors… Read More 

Lake Enid Restoration

Invermere Branch
The Lake Enid Restoration Project was initiated in 2012 by Wildsight Invermere in response to damage caused by intensive off-road use around the lake… Read More 

Camp Odyssey

Kimberley Cranbrook Branch
Your child will be outdoors the entire day, much of that time on the move exploring. Hiking and nature exploration is the focus of this camp, but there will be plenty of time for free play and creativity. Read More 
Get Wild’s mission is to inspire youth to connect with our community and nature through fun inclusive outdoor activities. This program is for those parents who want their children to be outside and come home stoked, dirty and happy. Read More 

Wild Nature Tours

Elk Valley Branch
  Discover the unique natural history and seasonal scenic beauty of the Elk Valley on an educational snowshoe tour through a beautiful forest with gorgeous… Read More 

Get your home off gas

February 22, 2021
With thousands of dollars in rebates for low-carbon heating and hot water, now is the time to get your home off natural gas.Read More 
The numbers are staggering; 500 square kilometres of old growth forests are logged every year in BC. Many of these forests in places like the…Read More 
While caribou continue to disappear and old growth forests fall, British Columbia remains without legislation that prioritizes maintaining healthy ecosystems and species at risk. The…Read More 
The Rocky Mountains are one of the most iconic and biologically significant mountain ranges in the world. Stretching almost 5,000 kilometres from northern British…Read More 
Before the 1950s and 60s, the majority of the products we produced and consumed were built to last. Milk bottles made of glass were returned…Read More 
While the pandemic has undeniably been a crisis of historic proportions, it has also reminded us that strong communities look after each other, that decisive…Read More 
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