Wildsight works collaboratively to expand protection for the Purcell region, making sure that wildlife can freely and safely roam, water runs clean and clear from… Read More 
Wildsight works to influence forestry planning and practices in our region so that both humans and nature can thrive. Wildsight works actively with all of… Read More 
Valuing world class wilderness, creating long-term balance. Some of the best-known and most-cherished National and Provincial Parks are set in the Rocky… Read More 
Mountain caribou are one of the most endangered mammals in North America. All of the world’s remaining mountain caribou live in the mountains of… Read More 
Imagine a magical and majestic mountain setting with towering peaks, lush forests and pristine lakes teeming with fish. A place where ancient trees preside over… Read More 
Jumbo will be wild forever! The Jumbo Glacier Resort was a year-round ski resort proposed in the Jumbo Valley in the heart of BC… Read More 
“One of the most precious things on a world the Columbia River Wetlands.” Robert Bateman The Columbia Wetlands are one of the world… Read More 
We know times are tough and we stand (at a socially acceptable distance) with you in solidarity through this shared COVID-19 challenge. We think… Read More 
Keeping the Wild in Sight Schools are slowly reopening, some students are returning to their classrooms and others are continuing to learn from  home… Read More 
  In Beyond Recycling, students embark on a rich 24-week investigation into the impact of their lifestyles—energy, waste and consumption—to discover how… Read More 
  "Water is our most precious resource. Everyone in the Basin should know where their water comes from, where it goes after they use it… Read More 
The 2020 Go Wild! program has been cancelled. With instruction from Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer - Government of B.C. we have had to… Read More 
We've moved the outdoor learning to home-based learning during this unprecedented time. Visit our Education at Home page for videos, lesson plans, activity… Read More 
We've moved the outdoor learning to home-based learning during this unprecedented time. Visit our Education at Home page for videos, lesson plans, activity… Read More 
We've moved the outdoor learning to home-based learning during this unprecedented time. Visit our Education at Home page for videos, lesson plans, activity… Read More 
Thank You for another great Winter Wonder season! Program booking requests will open again on November 1st, 2020! Little people love winter! What a great… Read More 
PADDLE, LEARN, AND EARN 4 CREDITS History | Culture | Water | Energy | Environment The Columbia River Field School is an immersive learning experience for students ages… Read More 
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The issues and challenges presented by a changing climate can be overwhelming. But that's why it's even more imperative to take an action… Read More 
At the Community EcoGarden Since 2003, the Community EcoGarden in Fernie, BC has provided gardening opportunities and community education through sustainable organic projects. Inspired by… Read More 
Keeping Food Real aims to support the citizens and communities of the Elk Valley in growing their own food by providing online cold climate… Read More 
  When - Thursdays, 5-7:30 pm, June 18 - September 17, 2020 Where - Downtown Kimberley, on Howard Street  Fresh food from local farmers… Read More 
Kimberley's Community Garden is an edible community garden based on sharing knowledge, ideas, tasks and food. There are no allotted plots and anyone is… Read More 
You Can Compost At Home (PDF… Read More 
The Creston Valley is located in southeastern British-Columbia. It stretches from Kootenay Lake to the USA border and is flanked in the East and… Read More 
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Impressive efforts from local residents have resulted in recent conservation measures at McGinty Lake. The lake is located on Crown land just 10km east of… Read More 
Many thanks for taking the time and initiative, not to mention what you might see as a risk, in changing your customer service practises to… Read More 

In the Elk Valley, mountain-top removal coal mines dig up millions of tonnes of coal every year. When people ask questions about how these…Read More 
In recent months, British Columbians have come together to face an unprecedented health crisis. Now is the time to come together to look forward and…Read More 
Longtime Jumbo Wild supporter Doug Anakin passed away April 25th, leaving behind a trail of happy memories with friends and loved ones. Doug was a…Read More 

Preserving the Peel

May 25, 2020
The second edition of Wild Rivers of the Yukon’s Peel Watershed celebrates a landmark victory to protect the Peel watershed, a remote and wild…Read More 
It’s tough to wrap your head around: in BC, there are enough resource roads to drive from Vancouver to Halifax and back - 60 times…Read More 
Just downstream of Teck’s 50-square-kilometre Fording River coal mine, cutthroat trout swim in heavily polluted waters. This isolated population of trout, federally…Read More 
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