Photo: Common Loon by Lyle Grisedale

Creston Valley Bird Festival


May 13-15, 2022 Celebrate our 10-Year Anniversary!!!


Our Mission:               “The Creston Valley Bird Festival exists to foster awareness of birds and their habitats in the Creston Valley”

Where the Birds Are:  “Celebrate the birds, art, and the agriculture of the Creston Valley”


November 21, 2021

AMERICAN DIPPERS are usually found in very cold, fast-flowing, rocky streams but this one was seen

last week walking on ice in the West Creston channels (photo credit: Darlene McDowell).

This stocky, short-tailed bird is unique as it’s the only songbird that regularly goes for a swim!

It has transparent eyelids to see the aquatic insect larvae underwater (sourced from Van Damme 2020).

American Dippers are seen in Creston year-round and have been recorded in most Christmas Bird Count days.

Look for them along the ice-free shorelines of Kootenay Lake and the Kootenay River.


See Where the Birds Are page for more!


Stay Tuned – more exciting events to come!!!

Friday, May 13
10:00-12:00          Kayak the channels
2:00-4:00              Festival Registration at Baillie-Grohman Winery
12:30-2:30            Historical Walking Tour of Downtown Creston by the Creston Museum
5:30-7:30              Sharing Social at Baillie-Grohman Winery with Food Truck and local beer/wine
7:30-9:30              Bat Condos
7:30-9:30              Star Party

Saturday, May 14
6:00-6:30             Tour Meets – Coffee and Muffins at Baillie-Grohman Winery
6:30-10:30           Breakfast with the Birds (Duck Lake) with Ulrike and hosted by Lark Coffee
6:30-10:30           Spring Mushroom Foray with Tyson Ehlers
6:30-10:30           Drive to Duck Lake with Ed and Hazel
6:30-10:30           Kayak the channels 
6:30-10:30           Birding Safari by van with Brian Baxter
6:30-10:30           Fox Tree Hill, Tanal Marsh, Mawson Lake with Lyle Grisedale
6:30-10:30           Kootenay River Road with Gaelen Schnare
6:30-10:30           Leach Lake with Gary Davidson

10:00-3:00           Bird Kite Building/Family Bird-a-thon at the Discovery Centre
10:30-11:30         Guided Canoe Trip at the Discovery Centre
11:30-12:30         Guided Canoe Trip
12:30-1:30           Guided Canoe Trip
1:30-2:30             Guided Canoe Trip
2:30-3:30             Guided Canoe Trip

12:30-2:30           Honey Tour at Swan Valley Honey
12:30-2:30           Dairy Tour at Kootenay Meadows
12:30-2:00           Craft Distillery Bus Tour at Wyndell Craft Distillery
12:30-2:30           Dike Display at the Creston Museum
3:00-5:00             Botany and Birds for Kids with Carley Dunham
4:00-5:00             Plants that heal with Rachel Beck at Tilia
5:30-7:30             Entertainment Evening at Baillie-Grohman Winery


Sunday May 15
 6:00-6:30           Tour Meets – Coffee and Muffins at Baillie-Grohman Winery
6:30-10:30          Kayak the channels with Ulrike 
6:30-10:30          Drive to Duck Lake with Ed and Hazel
6:30-10:30          Birding Safari by van with Brian Baxter
6:30-10:30          Fox Tree Hill, Tanal Marsh, Mawson Lake with Lyle Grisedale
6:30-10:30          Kootenay River Road with Gaelen Schnare
6:30-10:30          Leach Lake with Gary Davidson

12:00-1:00          Winery Tour at Baillie-Grohman Winery
1:00-5:00            Wine-Down at Baillie-Grohman Winery
2:00-4:00            Mandela Dot Art Workshop with Wendy Franz

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