FutureMakers inspires students as they learn & design for a climate-resilient, hope-filled future

FutureMakers provides students in grades 4–7 with the knowledge and inspiration to design a safe, thriving future. Decision-making power is put into students’ hands, giving them space to feel creative, resilient, and capable. This flexible set of classroom resources for teachers includes seven lessons featuring videos, follow-up activities and extra activities that allow the learning to extend even further. 

With minimal prep required, each lesson can take less than 30 minutes or you can choose to expand the learning with options from the “extension buffet”.  FutureMakers schedule includes 7 video lessons plus build time.  

FutureMakers makes engaging, hope-filled environmental education resources accessible to more teachers. Proceeds from this social enterprise project will go towards expanding in-person environmental education in Canada’s Columbia and Rocky Mountain regions.

FutureMakers will be launched for sale in the Outdoor Learning Store later this year. However, the program has already rolled out in classrooms across the Kootenays thanks to funding from both the Columbia Shuswap Regional District and the Regional District of Central Kootenay to bring this program to teachers in their districts for the 2023/24 school year.

We will be hosting a workshop with the Outdoor Learning Store to introduce the FutureMakers resource on October 29th, 2024. Mark your calendar; registration opens soon.


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