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Evergreens Farm FAQs

Where is Evergreens Farm located? We grow hydroponically in a 10’x50’ custom-built structure located at the Community EcoGarden in Fernie.

What is Evergreens start growing? We grow leafy greens year-round! Check the grocery stores for our Spring Mix and Mini Romaine. We also have baby kale, herbs and arugula available at Local  

What is hydroponics? Hydroponic farming happens indoors without soil. The plants absorb nutrients from the water their roots sit in, and energy from full-spectrum LED lights. Hydroponic growing uses 90% less water than conventional modes of agriculture and allows us to grow year-round thanks to the climate-controlled environment 

Do you use pesticides? Nope! We are proud to say that we don’t use any form of pesticide or herbicide on our produce. Our indoor controlled environment allows for minimal exposure to pests. 

Where can I buy your greens? Our flagship store is Local at 632 2nd Ave which will carry a larger variety.

How do I get local lettuce on my menu? If you are a local restaurant looking to add local greens to your menu, please contact us to get on our growing list! Email evergreens@wildsight.ca

Do you use plastic packaging? We use #4 BPA-free LDPE plastic bags to ensure our leafy greens are fresh and delicious when they get to you. Please reuse this bag and then return it to the depot to be recycled. 

How long does it take to grow lettuce? It takes 8 weeks to go from seed to harvest. The seeds stay in our 1st Stage nursery for three weeks while they grow their first true leaves. They are then transplanted into the 2nd stage nursery where they have more space to grow and access light. During the final stage, the plants sit in NFT trays with water running over their roots for another 3 weeks. We harvest on Wednesdays and deliver on Thursdays, all year long.

Why does local lettuce matter? Local lettuce means less transportation is required compared to bringing lettuce from California or Mexico. It also means fresh nutriousnfood and creating good  jobs in our community and a building stronger local food system.

How do you grow year-round? Our farmers can control the environment inside our indoor grow area so we’re able to grow, no matter the weather. Snow or shine – we’ll always have fresh greens! The mechanical systems inside our farm enable us to control the temperature, humidity, and airflow within our unit.

Where did you get your farm? Our hydroponic farm was purchased from the Indigenous-owned ColdAcre Food Systems in Whitehorse, Yukon. 

How do you give back to the community? A portion of all produce grown is donated to community organizations supporting vulnerable community members. Do you have a non-profit that serves at-risk community members? Please contact us. 

How can I learn more? Get the lowdown – Sign up for the Wildsight Elk Valley eblast. Follow Wildsight on Facebook and Instagram. Learn when new leafy greens hit the shelves by following Local on Facebook and Instagram or check out the online store to see what is in stock. 

Who runs Evergreens? Evergreens is a social enterprise of the Wildsight Elk Valley Branch. A social enterprise is a business that is operated for the good of the community. We sell a portion of our produce so we are able to donate lettuce to support low income community members. Any profits from the farm will be re-invested into the community to support important projects that strengthen our food system.



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PO Box 537,
Fernie, BC V0B 1M0
Phone: 250.423.3322