Youth Climate Corps

Wildsight’s Youth Climate Corps exists to connect, inspire and empower young adults interested in making a difference for the greatest challenge of this generation:

the climate crisis.

We work together to minimize the impacts of climate change while building a more resilient future. Our crews address climate change at the local level, directly in their communities and the ecosystems that surround them.


Pursue a climate-positive career!

Wildsight’s Youth Climate Corps is an opportunity to kickstart or further develop your career in climate related fields through multi-month paid contracts in BC’s Columbia Basin region.
Our crews receive professional certifications, mentorship, leadership development, and practical work experience. You will immediately make a difference by implementing meaningful climate solutions in your region while laying groundwork for your own future – all while having fun working with a community of peers.

Do you have questions? Email your local co-ordinator:


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Partners in action:

While we work across our region, our partners at Youth Climate Corps BC and the Climate Emergency Unit are working to spread the Youth Climate Corps concept across the country. As a non-profit organization, we’re able to support dozens of youth and projects each year right now. But, looking forward, many have imagined a government supported YCC with thousands of youth serving all across Canada making the changes we all need at the speed and scale required by this climate emergency.


We believe you have the power to shape the future of your community and the planet.

Graphics with images of people and earth. Text: 42 YCC alumni, Sectors we've worked in: 6 - food security, retrosits, wildfire risk reduction, community engagement and organizing, agriculture and ecosystem restoration. Post-program positions with program partners and jobs as a result of YCC: 10+

Wildsight thanks Arjay R. and Frances F. Miller Foundation, Catherine Donnelly Foundation, the City of Nelson, Columbia Basin Trust, Eco Canada, Environment and Climate Change CanadaGet Youth Working!, JV Humphries Elementary-Secondary, Kootenay Career Development Society, Kootenay Employment Services, 128 Collective, the Province of BC, the Regional District of Central Kootenay, RBC Foundation, and our many community partners for making the Youth Climate Corps possible.

Youth Climate Corps news

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Join The Team

Want to protect wildlife, clean water and wild spaces? Volunteer with us! Wildsight volunteers are a very special group of people who give generously of their time to stuff envelopes, attend rallies, help run events, put up posters, keep tabs on forestry practices in their communities and participate in citizen science initiatives.