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WHAT are we doing?

  • Providing a physical and online retail store that brings local people and local products together 
  • Partnering with Mountain Market vendors to increase the amount of local food available in Fernie

WHY are we doing this? What is the purpose?

  • To provide Elk Valley residents and visitors with year-round access to local food
  • To develop a system that promotes and fosters food security within the Elk Valley
  • To provide a low-barrier entry for local producers

WHEN is this happening?

  • Community appeal for donations in August 2020
  • Outdoor farmers market on Sundays in September 2020
  • Store planned to open October 2020

WHERE is this happening?

  • The physical storefront will be in the current Wildsight offices at 891 2nd Ave, Fernie
  • There will also be a website where people can order online

HOW does it work?

  • Vendors will rent retail space, somewhat like an indoor farmers market that vendors do not need to physically attend
  • The shop also works as a storage & distribution hub (like a local version of Amazon) for orders placed via the Mountain Market Online platform
  • Volunteers staff the store with a paid coordinator position to oversee the operation

How can I help?

  • Become a supporter through a monthly donation and help us bring the idea to life
  • Tell us of local suppliers you would like to see in the shop
  • Tell others about the shop and spread the word

How will I benefit?

  • There will be a year-round one-stop shop for all your locally produced food
  • You’ll help improve food security within the Elk Valley

How can I get my product in the shop?

  • Sign up to be a supplier in the shop
  • Load your products onto the Mountain Market Online

How does this help local food producers?

  • Year-round, downtown store front access in Fernie to sell your produce – a one-stop shop to access customers within the Elk Valley without having to be there yourself
  • Incresed marketing, promotion, an increased customer base and awareness of the benefits of local food
  • Support in using online platform
  • Participation in meet the producer info and tasting nights.


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891 2nd Ave (Mainfloor)
PO Box 537,
Fernie, BC V0B 1M0
Phone: 250.423.3322
Email: elkvalley@wildsight.ca

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