Photo: Gaelen Schnare


Come back next spring for the Creston Valley Bird Festival 2022!

Blue Jay: Lyle Grisedale

2021 Events Included: 

Friday, May 7th 2021:

Birds 101 for Kids – Carla Ahern

Learn about some fun facts and information related to bird biology from our local Discovery Centre Education Manager.

11:00-12:00 at the Discovery Center – FREE

Navigating eBird – Paul Foth

Learn about using eBird, a global bird-sighting database that allows users to find birds, find great birding hotspots, and track their own bird sightings. eBird is one of the best digital birding tools and is an accessible way to get involved in citizen science

1:00-2:00 via Zoom – FREE

Long Ears, Short Tale – Dr. Jim Duncan

In 2015, Long-eared Owls nested on our property near our house giving us an opportunity to test a nest camera to learn about this enigmatic nocturnal species. Join us as we peer into to the secret lives of this migratory owl based on an intensive analysis of 128,694 images collected over 15 days during the nestling period. We reveal new information on Long-eared Owl behaviour and diet. Experience their struggles to incubate eggs, and then raise and defend their young from extreme weather and predators. This study demonstrates the advantages and limitations of nest camera traps for research now underway on Great Gray Owls and Barred Owls in Manitoba. Joining me to help deliver this presentation will be Rusty, a live female Long-eared Owl. She is one of Discover Owls education ambassadors, a dear feathered friend and occasionally a ruthless heckler.

4:00-5:00 via Zoom- $10

Birds of Northeast Queensland in Australia – Gary Davidson

Take a trip through the tropics of northeastern Australia. We will visit Cape York, the Atherton Tablelands, and the Great Barrier Reef. Birds will be the focus, but we will enjoy other wildlife, as well as stunning vistas of the area. You cannot go to Australia in person during these unusual times, so come with me for 45 minutes to see one of my favourite parts of the world.

7:00-8:00 via Zoom- $5

Red-tailed Hawk: Lyle Grisedale

Saturday, May 8th 2021:

“Creston Big Day” Bird Count

Submit your checklist before noon on May 9th to or drop it off at the Red Barn (1513B Canyon Street) to be entered into a draw. Prize for most species counted! 

Species Checklist

6:00-12:00 – Birdwatching in the Creston Valley! – FREE

Bird Bingo and Photography

Submit your Bingo Cards before noon on May 9th to or drop them off at the Red Barn (1513B Canyon Street) to be entered into a draw for fabulous prizes. Each completed Bingo row gives you an entry! 

Submit your feathery festival weekend photos before noon on May 9th to Prizes for the top 3 photos!

Bingo Cards

6:00-12:00 -Birdwatching for Prizes – FREE

Bird Identification – Paul Foth

Interested in birding but not sure how to identify what you see and hear? Join birder Paul Foth to learn about basic principles for identifying birds from your backyard to Duck Lake. Participants will be given homework exercises to put their new birding skills into practice. This workshop is especially designed for novice birders.

1:00-2:00 via Zoom- $5

Festival Feathers of the Creston Valley – Gaelen Schnare

From White-faced Ibis wading in the shallows of Duck Lake, to Swainson’s Hawks soaring over farm fields, the Creston valley offers a variety of beautiful birds during the Bird Fest weekend. In this 30-minute presentation, Gaelen Schnare will share with you some of his best photos taken during the last four years of the festival. Whether you are a newcomer to the festival, or a long-time attendee, your love to discover or rediscover the diversity of birds that can be seen in the Creston Valley during this time.

2:30-3:30 viz Zoom- $5

Why Birds Matter –  Dr. David Bird

In 2019 a study involving American and Canadian scientists revealed that North America has lost almost three billion birds in the last fifty years!   What has precipitated this seemingly devastating loss?    Should we really care?   And if we do, what can we do about it?    Join Dr. David Bird, Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Biology at McGill University, for a bird’s eye-view of the value of our feathered friends, what is befalling them, who is out there to help them, and what you can do about it.   

4:00-5:00 via Zoom- 10$

Half the History of Birding – John Acorn

John Acorn is an internationally known scientist, author, broadcaster, and Canadian naturalist who lives in Edmonton. He is a lecturer at the University of Alberta, a research associate at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, and a research associate at the E.H. Strickland Entomology Museum. He is also a local Edmonton celebrity, combining folk music with educational lyrics about the natural world. He makes learning about nature fun by sharing his contagious and enthusiastic interest in all living things – including birds!  Acorn continually goes beyond his professional commitments and generously gives his time to promote the field of science. John Acorn became publicly known for his television series “Acorn, the Nature Nut”. 88 episodes were produced, each focusing on a different aspect of the natural world, and which featuring folk songs and whimsical descriptions. He educated and entertained audiences worldwide with this series.  He was also the host of “Twits and Pishers”, a series about birdwatching that ran for two seasons on the Discovery Channel.  As a best-selling author, he has had a huge impact on amateur entomology.  His field guides have earned him numerous awards.

7:00-8:00 via Zoom- 10$

Western Tanager: Lyle Grisedale

Sunday, May 9th 2021:

Bird Bingo and Photography

Birdwatching for Prizes – FREE

Bird Finding – Paul Foth

Wonder were those Black Terns and Bobolinks are hiding? Want to know the best time and place to see a Lazuli Bunting? This workshop covers bird migration, Creston Valley birding hotspots, and where to find some of Creston’s most sought-after birds.

1:00-2:00 via Zoom- 5$

Wine-Down at Baillie-Grohman

12:00 Draw for prizes

1:00-5:00 pm Pick up prizes and auction items at Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery

Proceeds go towards promoting bird awareness and research!

House Finch: Lyle Grisedale

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