Creston Valley Green Map

The Creston Valley is in the traditional unceeded territory of the Yaqan Nukiy people, of the Ktunaxa Nation. The Creston Valley is located in southeastern British-Columbia. It stretches from Kootenay Lake to the USA border and is flanked in the East and West by the Purcell and Selkirk Mountain Ranges, respectively. Harbouring a number of species at risk, the valley holds important winter habitats in the wetlands and crucial travel corridors for elk, moose and grizzly bears.

Goals of the Creston Valley Green Map

Wildsight’s Creston Valley Branch strives to inform and influence land-use planning processes in the Creston Valley. Mapping products can help guide this work. The Green Map characterizes the valley’s habitats and highlights areas for conservation and ecological restoration.

Creston Valley Green Map- Natural Value Hotspots and Limiting Social Factors

For Humans and Wildlife To Co-Exist, We Need Better Policy and Planning

The mild climate, abundant spring rains and fertile soils support a thriving farming business in the Creston Valley. The wider area also provides timber to two local sawmills and the Creston Community Forest. Growing human populations and expanding communities are putting pressure on wildlife habitats and regional biodiversity. In order to preserve the region’s rich biodiversity and threatened species, the maintenance of critical habitats and the co-existence of humans and wildlife need to be facilitated.  The Green Map highlights potential wildlife corridors as well as areas of potential constraints.

Creston Valley Green Map: Potential Corridors

The project aims to help decision makers take steps to preserve the exceptional biodiversity of the Creston Valley.

The Creston Valley Green Map can provide valuable data and insights to those who are working in the following areas:

  • Government and policymakers
  • Community planning, including housing
  • Commercial development, including forestry and agriculture
  • Watershed management
  • Dyke maintenance
  • Recreation enhancement
  • Climate change projects
  • Wildlife conservation 
  • Environmental advocates


Green Map Resources

Map Data Explained

Read the final report of the Creston Valley Green Map Project.

Map Revelations

Read more on our blog:

Interactive Green Map

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Thanks to Yann Troutet and the Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre for collaborating on this project.

Thanks to the generous contribution from Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative for making this project possible. 

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