Apple Capture Project

Apple pressing photo by Yana KehrleinThe East Kootenay is home to many fruit trees. When the fruit is left to fall off the trees and rot, it attracts local wildlife—including deer and bears. Wildsight’s Apple Capture is here to help you keep up with your fruit harvest or to share it with someone who can. Together, we can turn a wildlife attractant into healthy local food.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We lend out fruit picking, juicing, preserving, and tree pruning equipment.
  • We have a tree share board.
  • We organize community picking and juice pressing events.

Apple Harvest Equipment

You can use apple capture equipment to pick, juice, sauce or dry your harvest – and to prune your trees. We have juicers and grinders, dehydrators, sauce making kits, and apple peeler / slicer / corers, plus regular ladders, tall orchard ladders, special fruit picking bags, extension and hand pickers. We also have pruning equipment to keep your trees in good shape: pole pruners and saws, hand saws, and loppers.

Access Apple Capture Bookings here. If you’ve used apple capture before 2014, you’ll need to sign up for a new account on our new system (but don’t worry, it’s easy).

If you are pressing apples, the pressing leftovers can be used for animal feed – get in touch with us to find out how.

Tree Share Board

Do you have a fruit tree that you don’t have the time to harvest and would rather have someone else pick? Are you looking for fruit trees to harvest? Visit the Tree Share Board to get started.


Email or call Chad, our Sustainability Coordinator, at (250) 432-5954

Fernie: or call 240-423-3322

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