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Tool Share Equipment

Do you have lots of fruit trees, but you don’t know what to do with them?
Have you picked apples from the Tree Share Board, but don’t know what to do next?

You can use our Tool Share equipment to pick, juice, sauce, and dry your harvest or to prune your trees!


We offer a shed full of equipment in both Kimberley and Cranbrook. They are filled with juicers and grinders, dehydrators, sauce-making kits, and apple peeler/slicer/corers, plus regular ladders, tall orchard ladders, special fruit-picking bags, extensions and hand pickers. We also have pruning equipment to keep your trees in good shape: pole pruners and saws, hand saws, and loppers.


Tool Share Website

Reserve tools

Steps for using the Tool Share site:

  1. Create a new account or log in to an existing account.
  2. Select your community (at the top, center of the page).
  3. Select your equipment (the coloured labels down the left side of the grid).
  4. Create your reservation.
  5. Pick up the equipment at the time you reserved it for.
  6. Use the equipment!
  7. Ensure the equipment is well cleaned – especially the grinder!
  8. Return the equipment by the time you have noted.

Please note:

  • The reservation system is an honour system. The check in/out times are not enforced, so please be sure you are respecting the reservation following yours.
  • Make sure you return all of the equipment pieces – check under the seat of your car if a bin tips over!
  • If you are pressing apples, the pressing leftovers can be used for animal feed. Get in touch with us to find out how. Please don’t dump them at the Community Garden compost bins… the bears LOVE them!

Equipment Manuals:


For more information, please contact Christel


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Apple Capture: Pick & Press Events

August 30 - October 8, 2023

Cranbrook and Kimberley are home to many fruit trees and the harvest season is around the corner. Help us ensure that local fruit is diverted from going to the landfill or becoming wildlife attractants by volunteering at one of our Pick and Press events! 

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Want to protect wildlife, clean water and wild spaces? Volunteer with us! Wildsight volunteers are a very special group of people who give generously of their time to stuff envelopes, attend rallies, help run events, put up posters, keep tabs on forestry practices in their communities and participate in citizen science initiatives.


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