Pledge Step 3: Waste


Emissions from waste are the third largest non-industrial source of greenhouse gas emissions in Invermere, as well as the province of British Columbia as a whole. In Invermere, CO2 emissions resulting from solid waste totalled 3,026 tonnes in 2010* – a figure that has, undoubtedly, only gone up. Moreover, while official estimates of BC landfill emissions are about 4 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent (Mt CO2e) per year, the Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives’ analysis suggests they are likely much higher – around 13 to 19 Mt per year. Critically, more than one quarter of waste going to landfill is compostable organic material.

The scale of yard waste and food scraps and their GHG potential underline the importance of diverting organic materials from landfills through composting programs.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
September 2021: Fridays for Future Protest in Downtown Invermere


This month, we’ll be featuring helpful resources on managing (and reducing) waste on our Facebook page, in addition to actions you can take to increase your knowledge, advocate to government for better policies on waste management and emissions reduction, and get involved in direct action in our community.


Participate in our first official event for this step of the Climate Pledge, Zero Waste Bingo!

*The most recent Community Energy and Emissions Inventory data.

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