Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Casey Brennan

Casey Brennan

Regional Board Director
Elk Valley Board Director

Elk Valley Branch, Wildsight Regional

Casey and his family live work and play in Fernie in the heart of Canada’s beautiful Southern Rockies. Casey first moved from Southern Ontario to Fernie in 1990 and has never felt a stronger connection to the land and wild nature than in the Elk and Flathead Valleys. Casey got involved with the East Kootenay Environmental Society (EKES) in the mid-nineties and helped EKES make the transition to Wildsight. In 2012 after a decade of managing Wildsight’s Southern Rockies Program he began working for Teck Coal with the Social Responsibility, Community and Government Affairs team. Casey is grateful for the opportunity to continue to support progress on conservation and community sustainability through volunteering with Wildsight.