The true cost of coal

This series focuses on the hidden impacts of coal mining in the Elk Valley.

Despite the economic benefits coal mining has brought to these communities and the province, the hidden cost to the environment, to human health, and the climate cannot be ignored. Solutions exist to these problems, but unless B.C. and the Federal government are willing to take appropriate action, B.C. and Canada will always have dirt on their hands.

The first story presents an overview of coal mining in British Columbia and explores the Elk Valley as a case study of Canada’s largest silent unfolding contamination crisis. Subsequent stories dive into detail on the cost coal mining in the Elk Valley has to the environment, to human health, and climate change, before presenting solutions to the current crisis.

Explore our True Cost of Coal series:
Text: an overview of coal mining in the Elk Valley photo: open pit mine with tailing ponds in the Elk Valley 
Text: the cost of coal to human health. Background: image of desolate coal mine with dust in the air
text: coming soon, the cost of coal to climate change
text: coming soon, the cost of coal to aquatic health
text: coming soon, paying down the coal debt

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