Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 7:00 PM
Golden Branch
At your home
Join Zoom Here

Sadly, we cannot hold an in-person Earth Day again this year. But we have some plans for a virtual event, that I hope you will participate in.

Join us on this event for a video presentation of the Ellen Zimmerman Award and participate in advance in a family friendly Earth Day scavenger hunt (this is a downloadable pdf). There will be two prizes awarded by draw for all scavenger hunt entries. All entries must be in by April 21 in order to be entered in draw. To submit, please email confirmation that you completed it to Golden@wildisght.ca. (We will take your word for it).

                                                                                                                                Scavenger Hunt Prizes – Paintings of plants from the Plant walk (donated)

We will have a bit of virtual socialization time, so settle in front of your computer to hang out with the Wildsight Golden team with a glass of cheer and some munchies. 

We anticipate that the evening will look like this:

Sign on, start at 7 PM

Introduction of Earth Day, Ellen Zimmerman and her connection to Earth Day.

Introduction of the Ellen Zimmerman Award

Video presentation of the very first Ellen Zimmerman award

Discussion of the Earth Day Scavenger Hunt 

Draw for prizes for the Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

General socialization

End at 8:30 PM

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Earth Day 2019, Potluck and trash pickup, photo by LAdams



These cuties did the scavenger hunt

Jen’s Playhouse Daycare

Drawing an animal print in the snow

Looking for Birds & listening for sounds