Photo: Rachel Darvill

Field tour for the Upper Columbia Swallow Habitat Enhancement Project

Friday, April 29, 2022 at 10am-12pm MT
Golden Branch

Barn swallows have had an overall population decline of 76% in Canada in a recent 40-year period. Swallow populations are facing threats such as habitat destruction, illegal nest removals, and large-scale impacts such as climate change.  Amongst other swallow conservation initiatives, the multi-faceted Upper Columbia Swallow Habitat Enhancement Project (UCSHEP) is erecting artificial nesting structures for barn swallows.  They are being installed where nests are known to be removed due to health/aesthetic concerns, where current nesting structures are going to be destroyed in future, and in areas that already have viable breeding populations so additional buildings can help increase breeding habitat availability (and thus the population) in those breeding areas. Biologist Rachel Darvill will take you to an artificial nesting structure that is being erected for barn swallows in the Town of Golden.  Here you can see the structure, learn more about other swallow conservation initiatives that are happening in our area, and bird watch (and listen) for all bird species along the way.


Date: April 29th – 10am-12pm MT (please register in advance, maximum on 12 registered participants)


For more information about the Columbia Valley Swallow Habitat Enhancement Project, see here.