Where do you find home?

Photo: Evan Dux

“[Home is] not the feeling you have when you’re in the middle of nowhere, but the feeling you have when you’re at the centre of something.”Jordan Manley

If you’re like me, home is in the wild places. Found under lush rainforests full of ancient cedar or on windswept high elevation grasslands. In the dry pine tree valleys or while dipping a paddle into the local wetland. Home is also in the places we gather, and in the communities we have built. 

Home is where your heart is. If you close your eyes, can you imagine your special wild place?

I’ve been thinking deeply about reciprocity with the wild places I love lately. The morning after a recent snowfall, I took my cross country skis out to our local trails. The way the golden light lit the the trail, and in the moments moments between quietness and bird song, I was reminded of how home holds space for us to breathe deeply, to rest. All it asks in return is that we take care of it. 

We share this home. We share wild places with incredible wildlife and plants, clean water with fish, old growth forests with mountain caribou, and connected landscapes with grizzly bears. We breathe the same air, drink the same water, and travel the same trails. But lately, humans have been a lousy neighbour. 

More and more, stories of extirpated caribou herds, damaged and disconnected wildlife habitats, and thoughtlessly polluted water fill our news feeds. 

The wild gives us everything; it’s time we give back

Photo: Jana Malinek

There has never been a more important time to centre conservation, and this community is at the heart of fighting for meaningful change. Will you be a champion for the places you live and love, and give for the wild today?

Southeast BC is home to one of North America’s most important wildlife corridors, the southern Rocky Mountains. It is home to the Inland Temperate Rainforest, where extraordinary species of plants, fungi and lichens exist nowhere else on earth, and southern mountain caribou still stand a chance. It’s home to Qat’muk, the headwaters of the Columbia River, and immaculate sources of clean, fresh water. 

Your gift will fight for incomparable wild places across our region, protecting important habitat and keeping wildlife connected across the continent. 

Sometimes, when I feel alone in this fight, I remember how this community has come together to give voice to wildlife and wild places in the halls of power and instilling conservation values in our own communities. I remember how the home we share isn’t just in these wild places, but in the grassroots, where we fight together. 

The wild lives in every one of us, it’s why we are drawn to the special places we love. It’s why we build our chosen home near it or spend our time in the mountains. It’s why we feel at our best when we’re out in the wild. The only way we can create hope in these unpredictable and changing times is to open the door and take action; to be at the centre, fighting for our wild home.

Will you join me?

For the wild, 

Robyn Duncan, 
Wildsight Executive Director

p.s. Giving monthly is the most effective way to take action for the wild. Consider becoming a monthly donor today, and fight for wildlife and wild places all year round.








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