Know Your Neighbour: Katie Watt



Tell us about yourself…

I’m a 16 year old student who attends the local high school in Invermere. As cheesy as this sounds, I have a love for photography and writing, and I’ve enjoyed freelancing with the local newspaper for almost 2 years now. If you see a short, curious looking person meandering around town with a camera, a blue coat and weird socks, then it’s most likely me.

How do you like living in the Valley?

I really enjoy the strong sense of community here. Living in a small town, everyone tends to know each other or at least be connected through mutual friends, so it’s really great to see how people unanimously react to events. We celebrate together, work together, and sympathize together as a community.

What is your connection to Wildsight?

I first discovered Wildsight about a year ago when I went to their Wild and Scenic Film Festival. Since then, I’ve had a great time volunteering by writing articles, working alongside them, and introducing a film at their most recent film fest. I also had the amazing opportunity to experience our backyard over the summer by going on the Go Wild hike organized for youth nature education. Environmental groups like Wildsight are becoming increasingly important, and it’s really great to see the impacts of their initiatives in the valley.


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