Know Your Neighbour: Rob Orchiston

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What is your link to Wildsight?

I have followed in the periphery of Wildsight for several years, and supported the Jumbo Wild movement with my kids. Growing up on a farm New Zealand that bordered alpine nature reserves and with thick native bush and native birdsong all around, it would be difficult not to have a deep appreciation of all things nature.

How do you connect with nature?

‘Tramping,’ as we call hiking, was important to my family growing up, and as a teenager mountaineering began to consume me. I took an active leadership role with running outdoor clubs at university. Having spent the last decade living in Invermere but working in Calgary, I am now lucky enough to manage the Information Technology dept at Panorama and call myself a full-time resident of Invermere.

While I have been lucky enough to see, climb and explore a few tracts of every continent except Africa and the changes and effects humans have on the landscape, I know we here in the Columbia Valley are lucky to be surrounded by National Parks and easy public access to spectacular quiet preserves. Nowadays I entertain myself (and my two teenage kids) in the amazing Purcells and Rockies with ski touring, cross-country skiing, hiking and climbing, paddling.


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