Know Your Neighbour: Marion Stotts

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Marion joined Wildsight Invermere in 2006 and jumped right into the thick of things as a board member, working on projects like the Finding a Balance economics and environment forum and the Lake Enid restoration, while also sitting on Wildsight Regional’s Board of Directors. “Health (of people and planet) is a big devotion of mine,” said Marion, “volunteering expanded my own awareness of everything that’s happening on the planet.” 

Reflecting on her time with Wildsight, Marion is most proud of her contribution towards making the District of Invermere a pesticide free community. It took many hours of hard work, which included lobbying the government and bringing awareness to the Valley about the many health and environmental concerns associated with pesticides, until a cosmetic pesticide by-law was passed in 2009. “It’s about stewardship,” she said. “I’m grateful to have been a part of Wildsight’s stewardship for the planet.” Thank you Marion!


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