Know Your Neighbour: Kirk Mauthner


How are you connected with Wildsight?

As an internationally certified mountain guide, I’m very happy to be able to spend a lot of time – year round – out in our beautiful backcountry. Over the decades I’ve also come to witness some of the effects, changes and impacts that we people have on our environment and how precious and limited it is; as such, I’m a strong supporter of Wildsight’s ongoing initiatives, particularly on the education front.

Tell us about yourself.

I design, construct and test mountaineering and rope rescue equipment when not guiding and I represent Canada in the Terrestrial Rescue Commission at the International Commission for Alpine Rescue, but my real skill is being able to pick just the right sized container for leftover food.

What are your thoughts on living in the Columbia Valley?

I feel incredibly privileged and fortunate to call the Columbia Valley home – we have it VERY good here, and that’s not lost on me. I get to see some amazing and beautiful places in other countries, but the diversity of opportunities to enjoy and appreciate our natural places in the Columbia Valley is simply astounding. As a community we need to continue to foster values, ideals and behaviours that help protect what we have.


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