BC needs better private land logging regulations: Send a message to Minister Donaldson

Send Forests Minister Doug Donaldson a message asking him to apply the same regulations on Private Managed Forest Land as on Crown land.

BC’s Private Managed Forest Land Act gives land owners a tax break for registering their land, but only includes a few regulations to protect our environment and communities. There is no requirement that logging be sustainable over the long-term, meaning owners can clear cut as much as they want in a short time. In the Elk Valley, where 1/3 of the land is in private hands, our wildlife, ecosystems and communities are at risk. Read more about private land logging in the Elk Valley. BC recently promised to audit the Act, so now is the time to speak up.

Send a personal message asking Minister Donaldson to update the Private Managed Forest Lands Act to bring regulations in line with those on Crown land, including requirements for:

  • sustainable harvest
  • protection of wildlife habitat
  • water protection
  • protection of viewscapes
  • community input

Add in your own thoughts and observations about what’s happening around Fernie and in the Elk Valley—and how better regulation would help—to make your message stronger.

Send an email to (click here for a pre-addressed email):

Hon. Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources and Rural Development – FLNR.Minister@gov.bc.ca
cc: Hon. John Horgan, Premier – premier@gov.bc.ca
Phil O’Connor, Executive Director, Managed Forest Council – phil@mfcouncil.ca
Tom Shypitka, MLA Kootenay East – tom.shypitka.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Adam Olsen, MLA, Green Party Spokesperson on Forestry – Adam.Olsen.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Ange Qualizza, Mayor of Fernie – ange.qualizza@fernie.ca
Wildsight – info+logging@wildsight.ca 


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