Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Mathew Zaleski

Mathew  Zaleski

Branch Board Chair

Golden Branch

Mathew Zaleski has degrees in electrical and human factors engineering and a PhD in computer science from the University of Toronto. He has worked as an engineer, manager, and business owner and recently finished a 5 year stint as a computer science professor. In 1986 he started as a software engineer for IBM. Subsequently he worked for Autodesk, Adobe and Intel. In 1994, with two partners, he founded and operated Mountain Lake Software Corporation, eventually employing over 30 engineers. Mtnlake was a software engineering boutique specializing in investment management software for finance firms. It was sold in 2000. Mathew is a keen climber, mountaineer, skier, and cyclist. He lives in Golden, BC with his wife and Rufus the sled dog.