Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Margie Jamieson

Margie Jamieson

Board Vice-Chair

Wildsight Regional

I feel fortunate to have lived in the Rocky Mountain Trench for over 30 years and have been able to play and work in my front-yard, the Rocky Mountains and my backyard, the Purcell Mountains. My history with Wildsight is as old as the organization. As a founding member, I have been a proud supporter for many years. I have worked on many campaigns but am most proud of the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy campaign successes. As a wilderness tour operator, I represented the non-mechanized commercial operators at the CORE process and worked to represent commercial operators’ interests in environmental integrity. I helped in establishing the original mountain caribou studies, have worked and supported the JumboWild campaign, and worked on the campaign to get compliance with state-of-the-art waste management at the Skookumchuck pulpmill with the new recovery boiler.