Photo by Lucas Jmieff
Photo: Lucas Jmief

Corrine Highwood

Corrine Highwood

Interim Branch Manager, Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook

I am filled with gratitude to call Kimberley my home. There is no place I would rather be, and I feel so lucky to offer my energy and skills to this region.

I bring a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lakehead University with a Specialization in Environmental Studies and Tourism Management along with 14 years of environmental and outdoor education experience on three continents. Within my work with Alberta Parks over the span of 8 years, I was involved with interpretive programs in 3 bio regions; supervising both staff and facilities; and coordinating annual staff training and events. 

I bring an unabashed love of being outside to every facet of my life and carry a deep passion for promoting nature connection and wild adventures. I value an active mountain lifestyle, environmental conservation and sustainability, nature time with my family and friends, creative expression in all forms, and travelling whenever I can. 

I am honored to work with Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook to serve my community and all living beings that call this place home.

When I am not working with Wildsight, I can be found in my garden, playing with my daughter, or pursuing any number of outdoor activities from hiking to skiing, or just about everything in between!


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