Photo: BC Wildfire Service

Save forests; safe communities

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 7 pm mountain time

After the relentless wildfires of this summer across BC, it’s hard to forget that many of our communities are surrounded by forests. But while risks to our communities are high, there are changes we can make to lower threats to our communities.

A recent report affirmed that industrial logging has a significant impact on the severity and frequency of climate risks for BC communities, like wildfire, drought and flooding. On the flip side, intact forests act as safe havens within the landscape, supporting resilience and lowering risks to surrounding communities. 

Join us for an engaging presentation with author Dr. Peter Wood to hear how we can protect our communities from climate-related disasters like wildfire, heatwaves, drought and flooding by reforming forestry practices.

Learn more about Dr. Wood’s research.

Read the full report.

Credit: Sierra Club BC