Presentation on Marsh Bird Monitoring in Wetlands

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Golden Branch
Okanagan Regional Library, Golden Branch
819 Park Drive, Golden, BC

Photo by Rachel Darvill

Marsh birds are inconspicuous and difficult to detect, but global reports suggest that many marsh bird species populations are in decline. For four years, the Columbia Wetlands Marsh Bird Monitoring Project has been conducting repeated point count surveys at 65 survey stations in the Columbia Wetlands. Project biologist Rachel Darvill will be presenting information on this project, including what has been learned about marsh bird populations in the Columbia Wetlands, and where we should go from here.

November 19, 7 PM at Okanagan Regional Library Golden Branch

This is a project of Goldeneye Ecological Services in collaboration with ECCC Canadian Wildlife Service. Columbia Wetlands Marsh Bird Monitoring Project (CWMBMP) was managed and delivered with financial support from the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program.