Wild Ideas FERNIE — Passion to Action

Monday, February 19, 2018
Elk Valley Branch
Infinitea T-Bar and Boutique
501 1st Avenue, Fernie

Join Travis Wade on Monday, February 19 at 7pm for a relevant and timely discussion on how to reduce and eliminate single use plastics from you daily routine. And on a larger level, how we can work together to encourage businesses and municipalities to support a ban on these products.

Travis grew up surfing and skiing on the coast and in the mountains of northern California and in 2013 moved to British Columbia to pursue grad school at UBC in Clean Energy Engineering. He spends his free time enjoying adventures in the outdoors, whether in the ocean or up a mountain, the connection to natural environment is where he’s most at peace. He splits time between Fernie and Tofino to spend time adventuring with the people that matter most to him. Aside from his work as an energy consultant, he volunteers with Surfrider Foundation to promote healthy oceans and clean beaches. He brings technical knowledge to quantify the environmental benefits that are realized from the activities and campaigns Surfrider organizes to protect our oceans and beaches. He hopes to bring this experience and knowledge to the Elk Valley and find ways to connect with the people and community who can help grow environmental stewardship through the Kootenays.

Some of the exciting things Travis works on for the Surfrider Foundation in Tofino are:

Banning plastic straws through a “Straws Suck campaign”
Trying to get plastic bags banned – “Ban the Bag”
Reducing amount of cigarette butts – “Hold you Butts”

Beach clean ups – “Love your Beach”
Rise Above Plastic
Wetsuit Reincarceration – turning them into yoga mats
Stitch ‘n Beach – promotes bring your own bag, and fix it don’t ditch mentality

At the end we will connect it all back to the a local Climate Action Program and focus on waste reduction here in Fernie. Let’s turn a passion for plastic into a passion for action!