Wild Ideas Fernie: Net Zero Energy Building & Living

Monday, May 16, 2016
Elk Valley Branch
Infinitea Tea Bar | 7pm | Free | $12 dinner available

Net-zero energy homes and buildings are within reach – people across Canada and around the world are already building them and living in them. Wild Ideas: Net-zero Building introduces Jori Adank who will inspire you to achieve Net Zero. Jori will share his knowledge about how we can make our buildings sustainable in the long term, while living more comfortably and in a healthier environment. Even in our cold climate, we can have buildings that generate as much energy with solar PV as they use in a year.

Credit Manasc Isaac Architects, Shafraaz Kaba

Net-Zero Energy BUILDING What if our homes and buildings produced as much energy as they consumed? What if our buildings emitted no climate-changing CO2? Net-zero energy buildings and homes are here – Learn from local expert Jori Adank about Net-Zero Energy Building trends for contractors & electricians.

Net Zero Energy LIVING

Why is there so much doubt about Solar & Wind power? What’s the deal on Solar & Wind Energy? How feasible is it for the average home or business owner to buy into it? How does Net Metering work? Is it worthwhile to own an electric car?

Electric living is the future.

– Electricity can be produced in a green and sustainable way
– The sun produces enough power in one day to provide for all our energy needs for a year
– Solar panels provide you with FREE energy
– Some solar systems require maintenance, but others don’t
– With solar PV panels and an electric car, you are Energy Free
-All electric appliances and equipment operate clean and mostly maintenance free and they are cheaper to produce.

Think Electric, it’s clean and simple.

Jori Adankjori

Jori, born and raised near Davos, Switzerland, immigrated to Canada in 1965. He’s a retired journeyman electrician and electrical contractor who has worked on a broad spectrum of projects including robotics and in the solar industry in California in the 1980s. He has completed a couple solar projects in Kimberley in the last eight years and recently built his own solar home on the Selkirk Hill in Kimberley.