Photo: Pat Morrow

Making the Switch: What You Need to Know about EV’s

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Invermere Branch
Online Webinar

Join us on March 3, 2021 at 7pm for Making the Switch a FREE webinar to have all your burning questions answered about EV ownership, charging, range, rebates, and the economics and fun of EVs. Jen Grebeldinger, Communications Lead for the Community Energy Association, will present E-mobility in rural BC – What, Why, How of EVs.  Cam Gillies, Wildsight Invermere Board member, will fill us in on Spark, the first fully 100% electric vehicle share program in rural Canada. Aaron Van de Kamp, co-owner of Cleanline Automotive and a certified hybrid and EV technician and will answer all your questions about hybrid motors, hydrogen fuel cells, and EV batteries. Local EV owner, Norm Funnell  will also join the webinar to share his personal experience. This event is supported by Plug In BC, Emotive campaign – #LiveElectric.

Electric Vehicle ownership is increasing rapidly in Canada, as charging infrastructure is expanded and more people want to contribute to reducing their emissions. As all major car makers are announcing their plans to produce electric vehicles and phase out gas powered vehicles, the time is right to make the switch! This webinar will provide participants with a platform to ask questions, get current information on EVs available in Canada, learn about plans for charging infrastructure in the Columbia Valley, dispel any myths or misinformation about EVs, and find out how you can try out an EV by booking SPARK.


Jen Grebeldinger is the Communications Lead for the Community Energy Association and has twelve years’ experience in strategic communications, marketing and graphic design. Jen brings to her projects expertise in transforming technical material into compelling documents and materials which are accessible and relevant to various target audiences. Having lived and worked overseas, in urban centres and in small, rural communities, Jen’s diverse background has enforced the value of designing holistic approaches to community and stakeholder engagement, those that prioritize context and culture to facilitate sustained behaviour change.  Jen currently lives in Fernie, British Columbia.

Cam Gillies, owner of Eagle-Eye Tours and Vice Chair of Wildsight Invermere, was one of the co- leads on establishing SPARK, the first electric car share program in rural Canada.  Cam has a PhD in Biology and his passion for birds and the environment comes from a lifetime of enjoying the outdoors. He has been involved in several wildlife research projects from leopard frogs to wolverines. Cam is an early adopter of solar panels and a strong supporter of EVs.

Aaron Van de Kemp is co-owner of Cleanline Automotive, an environmentally-minded automotive repair business with a mission to change the industry for the better – one car at a time. Aaron is a certified hybrid and electric vehicle technician. He is passionate about zero emission vehicles and helping accelerate the transition to cleaner transportation.