Green Commute Challenge

Monday, September 27, 2021 - Monday, October 11, 2021
Invermere Branch
Anywhere in the Columbia Valley!

Join us for the Green Commute Challenge! This challenge will run from September 27th until October 11th. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage participants to replace their motorized transportation with active transportation for a two-week period. During this time, instead of driving your car for daily activities, such as going to work or to get groceries, we encourage you to walk, run, or bike as a way to reduce your carbon emissions and get active! If you’re interested in participating, sign up through the Google Form below. You will be sent a link for the distance tracker by email.

Event Logistics
This challenge will be tracked on a Google Sheet where you will input your distance travelled each day. You can track your activity however you want, but some examples of apps you can use are the iPhone Health App for walking, or Strava for walking, running, and biking. In addition to distance tracking, there are two columns in the Google Sheet:
1. One for you to estimate how many kilometres you typically drive in a week; and
2. Two for estimating the metric tons of CO2e your car produces during a 2 week period. You can get this number by using the carbon calculator here, under the car tab.

This is where you will input your estimate of how many kilometres you normally drive in a 2 week period, enter your car’s information, and the calculator will provide how much CO2e you produce. This will give us an indication of how much CO2e we all saved from being emitted during the 2 week period of the Green Commute Challenge!

There are two prizes available to people who record the most amount of distance:
1. Two full days of access to Spark, Wildsight’s Electric Vehicle Share.
2. Free level 1 tune-up from Lakeside Bike Co.

Make sure to take a picture of your commute and share it on social media with the hashtag #GreenCommuteChallenge so we can see, bonus points for funny ones! We will repost our favourite ones on our social media.

If active transportation is not a feasible option for your commute, remember you can always rent Spark! The electric vehicle sharing program is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while still having the convenience of a car. Although it wouldn’t count towards participation in this challenge, Spark will always be a great way to make your commute, or any driving you need to do, more green!