Fifth Annual Harvest Party

Sunday, September 23, 2018
Kimberley & Cranbrook Branch
Kimberley Open Gate Garden behind the Aquatic Centre on Rotary Drive

Wildsight Kimberley Cranbrook is pleased to host our 5th Annual Harvest Party at Kimberley’s Open Gate Garden on Rotary Drive. Sunday September 23rd, starting at 2pm.

As in previous years, we are organizing a variety of activities for the event including our famed zucchini races, and community harvest potluck. This year’s event will also act as the judging grounds for the Spud Bucket Showdown fundraiser in support of the Kimberley Helping Hands Food Bank!

Here are some details you may want to know:

  • This is a FREE family friendly event where everyone is welcome.
  • When it comes to zucchini racing – participants are encouraged to bring the best competition your family garden has to offer.
  • Enjoy the garden’s harvest in the form of many delectable foods, and we invite you to bring your own potluck item to share.
  • Games and festivities will be accompanied by live music!
  • Bring your spud buckets and the Kimberley Helping Hands Food bank will be weighing them to find a winner!
  • The Kimberley Pick and Press Event will be wrapping up as the party starts. Help make some apple juice and see how the equipment works.

The Open Gate Garden is a public, edible garden for the whole community to enjoy. Sharing is the foundation of the garden, as it is with our Harvest Party!