Farnham Glacier Hike

Friday, August 5, 2022 at 8:00 AM
Invermere Branch
Meeting location - Sobeys Parking Lot
Sobeys 750 4 St Invermere, BC V0A 1K0

Ice, water and life are infinitely connected. Join adventurer and PhD student in mountain hydrology, Caroline Aubry-Wake, on a day-long hike to Farnham Glacier, west of Radium Hot Springs. Her work with the Coldwater Laboratory in Canmore contributes to the understanding of how retreating glaciers, changing landscapes and a warming climate are affecting water resources in mountain basins in the Canadian Rockies.

We will meet at 8 AM at the Sobeys parking lot in Invermere. High clearance vehicle is needed; carpooling will be encouraged.

Hiking level: Medium

4 km one way; 670 metre gain

Participants: 20 

Tickets: $40 

Caroline Aubry-Wake  is a mountain water scientist combining mountain fieldwork in the Canadian Rockies with advanced computer modelling to understand how melting glaciers and a changing climate will impact our water resources in the future. Her most recent work looks at how wildfire smoke complicates and speeds up glacier melt by darkening the ice surface. . Read Here 

The occurrence and severity of wildfires is increasing. It is linked with climate change and past forest management, and has wide-ranging consequences for human activities and ecology.    Caroline Aubry-Wake   

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