2023 Winter Speaker Series: Wolverines in a changing landscape and warming climate

Thursday, January 26, 2023 at 7:00 PM Mountain time
Golden Branch
Online event

Welcome to our 2023 Winter Speaker Series! This year our theme is “Creatures Great and Small”
We chose four highly skilled and passionate naturalists who are studying creatures great and small which share our ecosystem in the Columbia Valley.

January 26, 7 – 8 PM Mountain Time
Mirjam Barrueto –  Wolverines in a changing landscape and warming climate

Mirjam is a wolverine researcher, PhD student, conservation biologist, climber, ultra-runner and back-country skier. As a child, wildlife and nature documentaries inspired her to become an adventurer and biologist. As a wildlife researcher she is passionate about exploring creative ways to make scientific research accessible to a broad audience, and to inspire others to get interested and involved in conservation themselves.

Mirjam is going to share her latest research about the fascinating opportunities and challenges faced by this top predator living at the top of the world. 


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Thank you to the Town of Golden for the ongoing sponsorship of our Winter Speaker Series.