15th Annual Community Weed Program Starts

As our summer season begins, so does Golden’s 15th annual Community Invasive Plant Program. This seasonal program was initiated through Wildsight Golden in partnership with the Town of Golden and the Columbia Shuswap Invasive Species Society (CSISS). The program aims at decreasing invasive plant populations while increasing public awareness of invasives within Golden. This is done through non-toxic removal such as hand-pulling of invasive plants in high-priority areas, offering invasive plant inventories to private landowners on their land, conducting community weed pull Eevents and by providing information on invasive plant identification and removal to the public at the local Farmer’s Markets. 

Invasive weeds can rapidly take over large areas, altering native ecosystems and pushing out native plants and animals. Invasive species are considered to be the second largest threat to biodiversity worldwide, after habitat loss. They can degrade scenic beauty, disrupt recreational activities, ruin agricultural areas and poison domestic animals. But how can you recognize them? And what can you do about them so they don’t take over? There are many things that one can do!

Invasive plants can be managed at a local level in a relatively easy way (consistent hand pulling) if there is a focused and dedicated effort. Many areas require repeat pulling year after year to remove tens of thousands of seeds that are released from each plant annually. If you see an infestation, we would like to hear about it. 

We encourage locals to become familiar with the plants on their property so that residents can do their part to start removing invasive weeds from their own backyards. Invasive plants like Dame’s Rocket, Orange Hawkweed and Creeping Bluebell are cultivated by many in the Town of Golden. They are beautiful, but they are invasive.

Residents of Golden can arrange for a free invasive plant survey of their yard by emailing wildsightweedprogram@gmail.com or by signing up at the Golden Farmer’s Market. After you sign up, Golden’s Invasive Plant Program Coordinator Ashley Lang will contact you for a convenient time to meet and walk through your yard, identifying invasive plants and offering advice on non-toxic methods you can use to manage and limit their spread.

For more information on Golden’s Community Invasive Plant Program, or to learn more about invasive plants on or off your property, please contact Ashley Lang at wildsightweedprogram@gmail.com. Or visit our main invasive plant page