It’s a scooter! It’s a motorcycle! It’s an e-bike!

While e-bikes are far from a new concept, having been invented in the early 1990s, their technology continues to improve year after year. At its core, it is still a regular pedal bike, but with the brilliant addition of pedal assist. The electronic motor is only activated when the pedals are already in motion and offers an additional boost to make your ride uphill or into headwinds just a little bit easier – and faster! But don’t let that fool you, e-bikes still host an array of benefits for your personal health, basically making you your own Superman.

Of course, you won’t be faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive, but given the ease of the ride, an e-bike will encourage you to ride more often or go for longer rides. As with most exercise, the contributions to your health include improving cardiovascular conditioning, improving brain function, and reducing the effects of stress. What sets e-bike exercise apart from other physical activities, say running, is the ease of impact on your joints, in particular your knees. Often those with knee injuries or aging knees find they can use an e-bike with little to no discomfort, offering a great benefit to those who are having trouble getting outdoors (which is important for your mental health too!).

Let’s talk about the motor – we promise it’s fairly quiet! We know you aren’t interested in a motorcycle. You wouldn’t be reading this article if you were. Typically the motor is not much louder than the hum of a regular pedal bike, so they will minimally contribute to noise pollution as you try to enjoy your commute.

As far as environmental pollution goes, the battery still requires an occasional charge, but overall can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% in comparison to traditional commuting methods. And that battery is primarily made of lithium, which is a recyclable material, though technology has yet to catch up with this process. That being said, an average e-bike battery can last 3-5 years. Perhaps the recycling system will improve before it is time for your first replacement.

Are you ready to consider your first e-bike, or maybe even upgrade your current one? Here are some resources that may help guide your decision:

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