Stand with Us for BC's Forgotten Rainforest

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We’re pleased to learn there is a new local independent movement that is working to draw attention to the unique British Columbia inland temperate rainforest ecosystem.  The movement (called Stand With Us) is hopeful that people will start, or continue, to have serious thoughts and discussions over the future of this unique and rare ecosystem. The movement challenges the current way we log and talk in BC, and that we hold our leaders accountable and work towards real solutions that will truly conserve this rare ecosystem with viable populations of indigenous plants and animals – before it’s too late.  What endures is up to us. 
To learn more, please visit Stand with Us.  
There is currently two opportunities for the public to voice there concern on local forestry issues as both Louisiana Pacific and BC Timber Sales have plans out for review and comment. They both operate in our inland temperate rainforest, and need to be held accountable for their long-term impacts on our ecosystems. 
Louisiana Pacific 2022-2027 Forest Stewardship Plan is their 5 year plan that “describes results and strategies that must be applied (where necessary) to our operational plans in order to meet the broader Government objectives” The plan itself can be found here or in person by appointment at LP’s woodlands office. Comments should be sent to Tim Arnett ( by May 2, 2022.
BC Timber Sales – 2022 Annual Referral for Proposed Cut Block and Road Development can be found here.  Comments for the Columbia Field Zone must be received by May 12, 2022 and can be sent to Rick Garner (Tel: 778-943-6992, email:

For a  more in-depth look at the Interior Temperate Rainforest, take a look at  this fantastic presentation on Canada’s forgotten rainforest by Wildsight’s own Eddie Petryshen.