Rats in Revelstoke Workshop Recording and Reading!

You might not like it, but they’re here. There are two types of rats in BC: the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the roof rat (Rattus rattus). Rats are not native to BC and were introduced via boat traffic in the mid-1800s. They tend to thrive only in urban areas where food is abundant or where winters are mild. Well that pretty much sums up where we live.

So what do we do? Well, up until now we’ve tried to eradicate them with rodenticides. Poisons. Which end up working their way up the food chain and killing other wildlife and posing a risk to our pets.

Sarah Boyle has some news for you – there are other options! Watch the 40 minute presentation below to learn more.

Sarah has also curated some really helpful documents to help you make better choices – and show how you can petition your local government to make changes to protect our communities from the need to use rodenticides.


Helpful documents to help you learn more and move away from rodenticides

1.The full set of slides from the presentation

2. MLA Briefing Package

3. Rodenticide Fact Sheet

4. SGAR Fact Sheet

5. Resources for Presenting to Local Municipalities on Rodenticide

If you have any questions please reach out to revelstoke@wildsight.ca and we’ll put you in touch with Sarah, who is more than happy to chat about rats!